Jim Bryant

This photo is technically balanced, however the contrast between the lonely man and a kissing couple creates a division of feelings the audience get from looking at the two sides of the photo.  Looking deeper into the photograph we understand some social aspects this image brings about. The fact that the middle aged man does not give a look judgmental look to the couple that show public affection, gives away the non-conservative place/time where/when the photo was taken.

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Mark Laita

Clear-cut contrast between lifestyles, this is what I see looking at this juxtapositioning of what we perceive as working class and middle class. The first photograph show a couple that society does not aim to become. The dirty clothing and body-types that we do not gaze at in advertisements is supposed to cause pity. The second photo shows a stereotypical middle/high class couple that  has become a symbol of success and fulfillment. However, the paradox of the theory of what is important and worth aiming for is that the “successful couple” has an almost sad face expression, while the people that we tend to pity are peacefully smiling.

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Novaris Reflections Campaign

I find this campaign very touching and meaningful. Along with beautiful and well-balanced set-up, the idea behind this photograph is a sensible matter, especially for elderly. Models in these photos are people who have already lived the most eventful years of their life or even accomplished their life purposes. The society sees them as vulnerable, sometimes marginalized and passive social figures. However, every one of them has once been a goal-aiming and active young person and looking in the mirror, this is what they see.

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Alexa Meade

The convergence between two art forms strikes again. This photograph can be easily confused with a painting, however the artist left out the unpainted hair as a hint to the fact that there is a real person behind colours. There is such a diverse range of tones applied on the woman’s body that it looks more like oil on paper than the work of a camera.

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Yulia Gorbachenko

The overlap of the same model is usually achieved through photoshop and it gives a sense of movement and dizziness.The interesting effect of this technique is that your eyes jump from one layer to another finding it hard to concentrate.

This photograph looks like a fashion shot judging on the trendy colours  and clothing, catwalk facial expression and position that reveals as much of the clothing as possible,therefore -a fashion presentation.

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jeffrey vanhoutte

(It is strange how a completely casual and domestic action can appear like a threat by giving a expression-less look.)

It would be expected for a bride in her gown to be cutting a fancy wedding cake instead of bread, and she sure does not seem happy about it. The irony is what makes the photograph stand out. By not giving the audience what they expect, photographers offer alternatives to what our eyes absorb during daily.

In terms of colours, the photograph is very pleasant because the pale majority of tones is diversified with a drop of brightness, the red hair.

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Petrina Hicks

I have mixed opinions about this photograph. On one hand it is a portrayal of innocence my exposure of nudity in a non-sexual light and position. The white lace on the model’s head looks like a wedding head-wear, which traditionally symbolises pre-marital abstinence.

On the other hand, the fact that only face of the model is covered, leaving the body exposed, can put her in the role of sexual object. By covering the face you take away a person’s identity, while the lack of clothes instantly increases vulnerability.

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Nadav Kander

The sense of levitation in this photograph combined with the green light coming from an open door looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie where a person is abducted by aliens. The open door acts like a portal to which the model is dragged. The nudity has the purpose of carrying the idea of “take me as I am” . Leaving clothes behind, the person is undressed by what is earthly, materialistic.

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Mark Mawson

The explosion of colours is an exclusive pleasure for the eye and no challenge for the brains, meaning there is no meaning behind, only visual enjoyment. The colours are given form by using smoke and then digitally modifying hue and saturation. The black backdrop makes the smoke stand out and creates a balancing contrast. The flow of the smoke is similar to the one coming from a volcano or an atomic bomb, which emphasizes the concept of “explosion”.

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Maia Flore

Certain feelings that everyone experience can not be explain by words. This photograph illustrates one of them. Feeling above the ground, or being “head in the clouds” is not always a good feeling despite the usual association. The model holds her head down and looks lost. She is hanging by a thread almost falling down. This photo is a metaphor to what people feel when their world collapse, the need of escape. The dreamy colours add to this unrealistic image. However, the feeling described in this photograph could be the exact opposite: happiness, peace. It depends on what do the audience identify with.

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